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Alicante is an inviting Spanish city surrounded by the Mediterranean sea. Located in the county of Valencia, with a population of 335,075 residents, it is well known for its beaches, its gastronomy and its great cultural heritage. The city aanbiedingen ideal weather conditions and mild temperatures all year round. Rainfall in the area tends to be rather scarce.


The Luchthaven of Alicante-Elche is located nine kilometers from the capital of the county. With you can book your car at the luchthaven at the best price. Renting a vehicle to get around from the luchthaven to your destination is a great alternative if you want to discover first hand all the corners of this beautiful city.


In Alicante you can find various options when it comes to accommodation. Hotels a stone's throw away from the beach, hostels, lodging and guesthouses. If you want to make the most of your stay in the city centre area next to the port of Alicante you can find the city´s main hotels. Furthermore, you will find it easy when it comes to parking your vehicle.


Alicante has a large amount of beaches which are some of its main attractions, such as Playa de Almadraba, Cabo de la Huerta or Playa de San Juan. But if you fancy a cultural tour, don´t worry because there are an endless amount of places and historical buildings. To help you decide we have come up with a list with a selection of our favourite places.
So set off and start your route!


  1. Santa Bárbara Castle: located on the peak of Benacantil mountain, at 166 metres above sea level you will find one of the biggest medieval fortresses in Spanje with perfect views of the Alicante bay.

  2. Playa del Postiguet: situated in the middle of the old town, at the foot of the Santa Barbara Castle is one of the most popular beaches amongst the people of Alicante.

  3. Tabarca island: a paradise of blue waters in the reserve of the Mediterranean for its excellent quality and biodiversity of its flora and fauna.

  4. Casa Carbonell: located in the emblematic Explanda, this is one of the most extraordinary buildings on the city of Alicante. Built by J. Vidal Ramos between 1922 and 1925.

  5. Central market: with modern inspiration and lots of history, this was built with close assistance from J. Vidal Ramos between 1911 and 1912 over the 18th century wall that surrounded Alicante.

With the richness of the province of Alicante, we cannot avoid mentioning its cities. Without a doubt, you need more than a weekend to be able to visit the wide choice of possibilities.


  • Elche: World Heritage city for two reasons: the richness of the palm grove and the Misteri, a chanted medieval drama that goes back to the 13th century.

  • Alcoy: this is one of the most important cities in the county of Valencia . The feast of north Africans and Christians is all an entertaining performance.

  • Benidorm:prominent touristic capital, who hasn´t heard of Benidorm? A cosmopolitan city with endless activities.

  • Elda-Petrer: a peculiar region with two cities, located in inner Alicante, its two urban old towns have lots of leather and shoe shops.


It´s gastronomy is primarily Mediterranean .The history of Alicante , its geographical location, its climate and fertile grounds have made this city a great display of sea and garden produce. Numerous restaurants situated at the centre of the city offer a wide range of paellas and stews with influence from Valencian, Murcian and also Manchegan cuisine. The saltings such as mojama or la hueva are typical dishes that must be savored.

Let us not forget its festivities, such as the bonfires of San Juan or Easter week in Alicante. It is all a spectacular show to make your stay in Alicante unforgettable.

What´s keeping you from booking your car in Alicante with AmigoAutos? Remember that you can always choose the best price. Enjoy the best places in Alicante from the comfort of a rent a car and get around your own way without any complications.

Tourist Offices in Alicante and county

In Alicante
Calle Portugal, 17 (old bus station)
03003 Alicante

Avenida de Niza, s/n (next to the red cross)
03540 Alicante

In Pego
Carretera de Dénia s/n (corner Calle San Rafael)
03780 Pego

In Benidorm
Avenida Francisco Llorca Antón, 1. (bus station)
03501 Benidorm

In Torrevieja
Plaza de la Constitución 1
3181 Torrevieja

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