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Bilbao is found in the Basque Country and is also its largest city with 352,781 inhabitants, making it the city with the largest number of people in the entire county.

Located in the Territory of Bizkaia, the city is surrounded by a fertile landscape, mountains, beaches and coasts that make Bilbao a privileged destination for visitors. The modern network of transport and roads brings the nearest Basque capitals like Vitoria and San Sebastian.

Bilbao has a mild oceanic climate with rainfall throughout the year, highlighting the month of November as the month with more rainfall. The average temperature in the summer months around 27 ºC, while in winter the average temperature is 7ºC.

As part of the city's heritage are: the Palacio Euskalduna, the Palace Chavarri, the Palace of the Provincial Council, the Arriaga Theater, the Guggenheim Museum and the Zubizuri bridge designed by Calatrava. Bilbao is a city of dreams with a lot to offer its visitors. Whatever you are looking for, either the tasty basque cuisine, shopping or going out and partying, you'll find it here.


Bilbao luchthaven is located 12 km from the city. With Amigoautos you can pick up your rental car and start this wonderful trip.


Bilbao is a small city so that you won’t have difficulty getting accommodation. However, to make your search easier we have prepared the following summary of some of the best areas for you to rest:

  • Old Town: It is one of the busiest and sought after areas by tourists as it is a typical zone and centrally located, with wide variety of hostels and hotels available to all. Highly recommended for young people for the great nightlife, bars and restaurants.

  • Deusto: In this district it is recommended that you stay in the neighborhood of San Pedro de Deusto, close to the estuary of Bilbao and easy access to the city, or in San Ignacio, a residential and quiet area. An ideal place for people of all ages.

  • Abando:
    It is a very modern and urban city close to Bilbao and the major sights. Here you can find a range of hotels, hostels, apartments and guesthouses to stay. It is also one of the safer areas of Bilbao.

  • Getxo: Is a seaside town with many hotels, an ideal destination to stay in summer and enjoy surfing, hiking and outdoor activities.


Bilbao and Vizcaya province are home to many corners to discover, so prepare your car and let's start!
Here are our selection of five sites that you cannot miss:

  1. Guggenheim Museum: it is one of the most important contemporary art museums in Spanje. Designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry, the building represents a beautiful work of art that has become a symbol of the city. In its interior you can admire different collections of international and national artists.

  2. Old Town: it is the oldest neighborhood and the original nucleus of the city of Bilbao, an ideal place to taste the famous pintxos such as tortilla or cod fish.

  3. Santiago-Bilbao Cathedral: it is the highest and most important of the old quarter of Bilbao construction, characterized by its small size and its compact Gothic features.

  4. Mercado la Ribera: it is Europe's largest covered market and only for this reason it is worth visiting it. It was built in 1929 and to date has hosted daily market activity.

  5. Armañón natural park: located at the western end of Bizkaia, bordering with Cantabria, Armañón occupies an area of 2,996 hectares of forest and mountains. A privileged place for a day of relaxation with family or friends.


Some typical dishes of this province have the denomination of Bilbao or the Vizcaya. Bilbao cuisine focuses mainly on a list of ingredients for cooking all dishes.
The most used products are beef, fish and seafood, but lamb and chicken are also consumed. One of the culinary centers of the province is the city of Bilbao, where prepares succulent dishes such as cod Pil-Pil served with garlic, olive oil and chilli peppers or the cod a la vizcaína, oil and garlic.
The hake is also another very distinguished ingredient in the cuisine of Bilbao being the best-known dish, hake to the koxkera and hake in green sauce. Also worth mentioning are the famous very typical pintxos in diverse culinary establishments in Bilbao as well as other bizkaian municipalities.

One of the most important events in the city is La Semana Grande de Bilbao, the main festivity of the capital which is held annually for nine days from Saturday August 15 feast of the Assumption of Mary.

Still having doubts? Reserve your rental car with Amigoautos and begin your journey, Bilbao awaits you!


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