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Granada is one of most famous and beautiful cities in Spanje, situated at the foot of the second highest peak of the Iberian Peninsula, Mulhacén and presided over by the spectacular Alhambra and the Generalife gardens.
This capital is famous for its University and leisure atmosphere, Granada is also a land with a long culinary tradition, which attracts many visitors to the city. Enjoy some tapas in one of its restaurants or stroll along the well known calle Elvira with its various stalls of handcrafts and souvenirs, attracts every year thousands of visitors. Granada is also an important skiing destination, Sierra Nevada is without a doubt one of the most popular places for sport lovers. Many of them choose Granada as headquarters, so huurautos becomes a necessity for all those visitors who wish to navigate both the ski slopes of the sierra, and other places of interest in the province of Granada.

The influx of tourists in the city is on the rise due to its cool climate in winter, with little rain and sunny in summer, along with Cádiz is the fourth sunniest Spanish city.


Granada luchthaven is located in the municipality of Chauchina and Santa Fe, 17 kilometers from Granada. With Amigoautos in the same terminal you can pick up your rental car and start your trip.


Granada aanbiedingen plenty of hotels and apartments to stay.
One of the top rated areas by tourists are near Plaza Nueva. Located in the Centre of Granada, near the Alhambra and at the foot of the picturesque ALBAYZIN neighbourhood, La Plaza Nueva and the surrounding streets host the best tapas bars and the best tourist atmosphere in historic Granada.
The establishments that are located in these areas tend to be three star hotels since they are small hotels housed in homes and refurbished former palaces.


In the province of Granada, there are plenty of places to go and what better way than with our rental car. Here are our top five sites to discover.

  1. The Alhambra: is the most visited destination in Spanje, a beautiful building formed by a set of palaces, gardens and forts that House a true citadel in the city of Granada. Its real attraction, as in other Muslim works of the period, not only lies in interiors, whose decoration is among the peaks of the Andalusian art, but also in its location and adaptation, creating a new but fully integrated with pre-existing nature landscape.

  2. Albaycín District: declared world heritage by Unesco, is the neighborhood with the most history and charm in Granada. Stroll through its narrow streets which takes us back to another era. In addition, from the viewpoints of San Cristóbal and San Nicolas are some of the best views of the Alhambra.

  3. Calle de las teterías: is a pedestrian street of the capital full of Arab tea houses, handcraft shops and street stalls.

  4. Sacromonte District: the District of Sacromonte is situated on the Hill of Valparaiso. One of the best walks in Granada, for any time of the year is to climb to the Summit of this hill where you will find the Sacromonte Abbey.

  5. Sierra Nevada Ski Station: is the most southern ski resort in Europe and an international reference of snow tourism. It aanbiedingen visitors excellent facilities of snow about two hours drive from the sea and the coast and a few kilometers of the Andalusian capitals.


The gastronomy of Granada tends to be a mixture between Andalusian, Arabic and Jewish cuisine, given the great number of cultures which over the years has acquired the area. Wide variety of seasonings and spices such as cumin, cinnamon, raisins or honey are used in their dishes. A well known product is the famous ham of Trevélez coming from Granada sierra: fried beans accompanied with this delicacy is one of the most characteristic of the Granada region dishes.

Other well known dishes are tortilla Sacromonte which has as main ingredients brains and testicles of pig. It can also highlight remojón granadino a fresh salad that is made based on cod is desalted and shredded, Orange and olive oil.

The most important festivals of Granada are the following:

  • 1st February, la Procesión de la Abadía de San Cecilio, with food and dance.

  • Easter is very attractive with its processions and decorations.

  • 3rd May,el Día de la Cruz, y the streets are filled with flowers.

  • El Corpus Christi, with its brilliant procession and bull running

  • End of May, International Theatre Festival.

  • 29th June, San Pedro, fiesta del Albaicín, pilgrims climb to the Hermitage of San Miguel on horseback and in carriages decked out.

  • End of June takes place the International Festival of music and dance, which has become one of the most important in Europe. His stage is the Alhambra, either in the Palace of Carlos V, the Arab Palace or in the gardens of the Generalife, with its outdoor theater. de Europa. Sus escenario es la Alhambra, ya sea en el Palacio de Carlos V, el Palacio Árabe o en los Jardines del Generalife, con su teatro al aire libre.

Still having doubts? Book your car at Amigoautos and see this wonderful city.

Tourist Information Office Alhambra
c/ Real de la Alhambra Granada
Phone 902 405 045

Regional Tourist Board
C/ Cárcel Baja, 3 Granada
Phone 958 247 128

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